Introduction to Building Insurance

Building insurance covers the building in which a business is owned and operated. Some of our clients own both the building and the business or businesses that operate within the physical structure, but for the most part, the building owner is liable for a separate set of damages than the business owner. Owning a building entails a different type of risk than business ownership.

Protect Your Cash Flow

While most business owners understand that insurance will protect them against property damage like fire and liability issues like slip-and-falls, they may not realize there’s an even more significant role insurance can play in keeping their business afloat: protecting the cash flow.

Let’s say your investment property was burned down in a fire. You know that your insurance policy ought to cover a rebuild – but it can also cover the loss of the rental income you would have collected from the tenants in that building over the period of time it takes to rebuild.

Get the Benefit of Experience

Your investment property carries risks, and there’s no way to write a policy that could cover every single thing that could potentially happen to your building. However, we’ve been in this business a very long time, and we know the most likely culprits that could attack your investment. We’re here to write you a policy that offers the most possible coverage for your money – so you can protect your investment from a potential loss.