Personal Auto Insurance

Car accidents happen when you least expect them. In fact, most accidents occur within a mile of your own home, on the same streets you’ve traveled a thousand times before. Accidents happen in parking lots, on busy roads, and even in the dead of night while your car is empty, parked on the street.

We’d love to be able to keep accidents from happening to our clients. But since we don’t have that power, we offer the next best thing: policies that ensure they don’t wind up paying through the nose for an unexpected accident.

Our policies cover damage, loss, and hospitalization for injuries that you, your passengers, or others involved in the accident might incur. We can create a custom policy for every situation, including leasing or owning your car, and also make sure you’re covered for car-related damages like vandalism, theft, and unforeseeable events like a falling tree limb.

Your car is important to the way you live your life. Without it, you cannot get to work or pick up your kids from soccer practice. You need the certainty that if something happens to it, you will be able to get back on the road as swiftly as you can. Auto insurance gets you back into your regular life without having to dip into your savings – and that peace of mind will make you feel much more secure on the road.

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