Introduction to Business Insurance

Gonzalez & Company’s commercial specialists know what it means to run a small or medium-sized business. We know it takes dedication, hard work, and near-superhuman effort. We know it takes more hours than any human being has to give in a week. And we know it means taking risks no one else dares to take.

We can’t make running a business any easier. But we can lessen that risk substantially.

Get Ahead of the Game

Our commercial specialists know the business insurance game inside and out. We know that you’re constantly balancing the benefits of insurance against the limits of your budget, and we’re here to give you our very best advice on what policy will get you the most coverage for your dollar. We have experience with every specialized business imaginable operating in New Jersey and New York, from manufacturing to retail, apartment buildings to restaurants, and contractors to tech companies.

We’ll help you demystify the insurance game. We’ll explain exactly what is and is not covered by every policy so you can choose what’s best for your budget and your business – and continue to run yours with full peace of mind.