Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is critical for any business with company vehicles (or even a singular company vehicle), but often insurance companies fail to get the proper amount of coverage for the type of vehicle being used and the risk factors inherent in the type of business.

This can mean that when an accident occurs, your policy falls far short of the coverage you need. At Gonzalez & Company, we work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We study your company’s driving patterns and ask detailed questions about how your business uses its vehicles. Are they used for heavy travel or heavy lifting? Do you cover a lot of territory behind those wheels, or is driving strictly local? Are there other risk factors?

Once we have all the information, we create a comprehensive program that covers the potential situations that apply uniquely to you and your business. We won’t give you a one-size-fits-all policy or increase your coverage overall when your primary concern is bodily injury. We custom-tailor a policy that offers appropriate coverage in liability, bodily injury, property damage, replacement value, and many other factors.

The upshot? When disaster strikes, your policy will have anticipated what coverage you really need.

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