Introduction to Personal Insurance

What is personal insurance?

In your life, you have a few things you value above all else – things that are essential to your lifestyle, your livelihood, or simply to your life. Your home, your car, and your most treasured possessions are often among the items on this list, but so might be family heirlooms, expensive equipment such as cameras or computers, or artistic items like musical instruments or paintings.

We help you determine which items in your life need insurance and what it will cost to insure them. We offer the highest levels of protection at the most reasonable cost. It is our greatest hope that the worst never occurs, but if it does, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your loss will be covered, allowing you to resume your life with little interruption.

Loss is always hard – but being unable to replace your missing property is adding insult to injury. The world can be unfair, and your personal property is always at risk of being stolen, destroyed, or otherwise lost to you. We wish we could prevent it, but that’s outside of our power.

What we can do – and what we will do – is ensure you are completely covered.