Customized Insurance

Certain types of businesses need specialized insurance coverage for the unique risks presented by that work environment. If you own and operate any one of these business types, you’re going to want an insurance policy created by commercial specialists who know the risks – and can protect you properly when they occur.

Restaurants and Bars

Owners of bars and restaurants need especially thorough insurance coverage because of the wide range of potential disasters for which they can be held liable – not to mention the sheer number of people constantly interacting with their business. At Gonzalez and Company, we know the risks associated with the restaurant industry, and we can create a customized plan for the particular type of business you run. Added coverages might include food contamination, spoilage, and mechanical breakdowns.

Auto Servicing Garages

Not all auto servicing businesses are alike, but all need proper insurance coverage for the increased liability involved in an inherently more dangerous work environment. We have the experience and knowledge to create optimally cost-effecive plans for you that cover everything from property and liability to vehicle coverage and workers’ comp. No risk is overlooked. We know how to properly structure new environmental coverage policies to cover pollution liability both now and in the future.


Every small manufacturer carries distinct risks unique to their product, and we have vast experience in putting together the right combination of coverage for each individual company. We understand that you need your insurance to be cost-effective and we work hard to make sure you aren’t paying for coverage you are unlikely to need. At the same time, we want to be sure you have coverage for any damages that could disrupt your cash flow – including property, equipment, machinery, raw materials, inventory, liability, theft, business/computer operation interruption, disaster recovery, and pollution and environmental damage as necessary.

Technology Companies

Our dynamic technology division (yes, we have a whole division devoted to tech) understands that unlike traditional businesses, technology and computer-based companies require specialized coverage based on the unique potential liabilities inherent to their businesses. We work with every type of tech-based company, from Internet start-ups to hardware and software firms, and we offer coverage that protects you from hackers, fraud, security breaches, and other critical interruptions to your business.

Day Care Centers

Children are unpredictable. Combine that unpredictability with the natural parental instinct to attack anyone they perceive to have endangered their child, and you’ve got a recipe for lawsuits. Many parents will also look to day care centers to provide medical coverage for any accidents incurred on the premises, and day care centers need to be covered for those eventualities – because no matter how careful you are, children will find ways to put themselves in danger. We work with carriers to create age-appropriate policies for the children you serve, the activities you offer, travel protection, medical payments, and much more.

Contractors and Carpenters

Contractors and carpentry businesses have some of the riskiest exposures in the insurance industry, and that risk goes on for many years after each individual job has been completed. A contractor could see his business threatened by a lawsuit 10 years after the work was done – after all the employees who actually worked on that job have moved on to other jobs. Getting appropriate insurance coverage for contractors is absolutely essential, and we can help you build and maintain a respectable contracting operation with appropriate insurance for your risks.

Environmental/Pollution Coverage

Compared to other forms of insurance, environmental coverage is relatively new and constantly evolving. Few companies put effort into ensuring their employees are up-to-date on new developments and laws regarding environmental policies for business – which means their clients are often caught flat-footed in the event of an environmental or pollution-based catastrophe.

At Gonzalez & Company we strive to stay ahead of the curve with constant training and technical education to ensure we cover all potential factors. We’ll look at every risk factor currently on the books, from general to specific liabilities, errors and omissions, hazardous waste, physical damage, testing, abatement factors, remediation factors, stop-loss, and much more.