We’d like to include you in the family business.

Gonzalez & Company is run by the Gonzalez family, and has been since 1978. When we say we treat our customers like family, we’re not speaking euphemistically – we mean we invite them into a real family, one with real values, one that understands the importance of knowing for certain that there is a group of people out there that definitely, no question, always have your back.

That personal approach extends to every aspect of our business. When you call our offices, you won’t get a customer service line or even the “first available agent.” You’ll be able to speak to the person who created your policy and advised you on what to include in it, which means you’ll be able to get your questions answered and your concerns resolved without frustration.

We’re not here to impress investors or rack up as many customers as possible. We’re here to look after the people who are important to us, and we count our successes in the number of clients who would never consider going anywhere else for their insurance needs.

When we create a policy for you, we take the time to learn about who you are. We listen to all the information you can give us before making a recommendation, and we’ll almost always suggest modifying a policy to be sure every aspect of your life and business are given the appropriate attention.

We’ll give you all our best advice gleaned from 35 years in this business – we’d much rather our clients be over-informed than under-informed – but at the end of the day, your policy needs to work for you. No matter what you decide, you’ll walk away knowing exactly what we recommend, why we recommend it, and what risks you personally are willing to take.

We never, ever promise more than we can deliver. We won’t make you sweeping guarantees that you know we can’t follow through on. We think most people feel a lot safer when they have a realistic idea of what to expect, and we think they make smarter decisions about coverage with that practical information. We’ll give you real numbers that help you understand the risks in your life and your business, and we’ll help you figure out how to offset the most likely of those risks with the right amount of coverage.

Our clients tell us we take care of them and look after their best interests, and this is the highest compliment we could possibly imagine. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from a client that they’re so glad we gave them that extra information, because it saved them from disaster. There’s a reason the next generation of the Gonzalez family has decided to stay and continue the legacy – this is work that matters, and we see the effects of our hard work in the lives of people everywhere in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

We’d love to look after your best interests, too. There’s always more room in the family.