Commercial Building Insurance

Every commercial business carries risks – some more than others. We can create a policy that protects you against the hazards of running a business where accidents are bound to happen. Our coverage will keep you from taking losses that could put your operation out of – well, out of business.

Good Commercial Coverage

For our commercial business owner clients, we usually start by getting you detailed property and liability insurance with a Business Owner Policy (BOP) from a carrier we recommend. These policies will also cover you from any loss of income resulting from a fire or another catastrophe that disrupts your ability to operate your business.

Then we take a good look at your business to assess any potential issues that could put your store at risk, and make sure you have additional coverage to address them. Some common add-ons are theft, damage, and liability due to on-site accidents, but we’ll recommend coverage specific to your business type.

Know Your Liability

In many commercial policies, you can wind up in a dispute with the property owner over who is really liable for any given disaster. At Gonzalez and Company, we’re well acquainted with the most common disputes, and we custom-tailor our policies to make sure you don’t get stuck holding the bag when something goes wrong.

Accidents do happen in business. We’re all human, and a commercial business has more opportunities than most for human error to result in serious damage. Our job as insurance agents is to make sure that when disaster strikes, you’re still able to carry on with your business with every intention to continue growing toward great success.