Apartment Building Insurance

With over 35 years of experience providing insurance for apartment building owners in New Jersey and New York, we have some tales to tell about disastrous insurance coverage. Thankfully, our continuous experience makes us uniquely qualified to alert you to possible issues before you’re going through them firsthand, and design a policy with you that will protect you thoroughly.

Keep Your Business Afloat

At Gonzalez & Company, we treat your business with the same consideration that we do our own. We’re concerned with your liability and fire damage protection, but we also want to make sure you’re covered against lost cash flow should any disaster occur. Our primary concern is that your insurance should provide the coverage necessary to keep your business running, even if you ran into a streak of very bad luck. Here are a few of the coverages we recommend to all apartment building owners we serve:

  • Accurate square footage calculations to adequately insure your building’s replacement cost
  • Protection against fire and liability claims
  • Protection against “slip and fall” claims in common areas, sidewalks, and backyards
  • Protection against accidental tenant fire

Get the Advantage of Experience

Our long standing and respected status in New York and New Jersey allows us to pass an advantage on to our commercial clients: we can turn around insurance certificates very quickly. Often we’re able to get them out within one day, but our company policy is to have them out within 48 hours, max. We know that when you operate a commercial business you need to have the necessary certification in hand very quickly, or else you run into stopgaps that can hinder your business operations. We make sure you don’t have to deal with that aggravation. Once we agree on the best policy for you, you know that you can count on the certification to prove it delivered electronically in 48 hours or less.

Our longstanding experience gives us the advantage more leverage and quicker access to carriers in New Jersey and New York, and we’re happy to pass that perk on to our clients. We will always advocate for you as we would for our own family, and if you follow our advice on the coverages you will need as a building owner, we know from experience that you will save money over the long term.