Commercial Building Insurance

Commercial property ownership can be hugely profitable, but it also comes with significant liability risk. At Gonzalez & Company, we’re here to help you navigate potential pitfalls, minimize your risk, and choose commercial tenants that coincide with your goals as a commercial property owner.

Reduce Your Risk

We’re always happy to give our clients the full benefit of our 35 years of experience, and commercial property ownership is an area where that experience counts for a great deal. We can explain what types of tenant will reduce or raise the cost of your premiums and detail exactly how much liability is involved in having vacant commercial spaces in your property. We can demonstrate which carriers are willing to take on those risks, which aren’t, and what advantages you may be sacrificing.

At the end of the day, you’ll be fully informed about how insurance incorporates into your strategy as a commercial business owner – and you may even decide to make some huge money-saving changes in that plan accordingly.

Get the Protection You Need

You’ll also learn a great deal about what additional coverages are most advisable, depending on the type of property you own and the types of tenants you intend to occupy the space. We offer protection against specific exposures such as flood, earthquake, and tenant discrimination as well as standard liability and property damage. We also protect against the loss of rental income from your tenants if your building were to be damaged in a way that prevents your tenants from occupying the space.

We understand that commercial building ownership is a business, and we’re here to give you the best advice available on how to incorporate your insurance policy into those business decisions. Large claims can potentially bankrupt you or destroy the investment you’ve worked so hard to build, and we are here to help ensure you are properly protected against those claims. We want to see your business running successfully and profitably for years to come, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure neither lawsuit nor disaster gets in the way.

Stay on Top of Your Tenants

We can work with you to obtain certificates of insurance from your commercial tenants and review those policies to be sure that each of your tenants has at least some general liability and properly damage coverage. By taking this extra step, we can help commercial building owners to protect against “slip and fall” claims if a customer of your tenant’s is looking for someone to sue. If your tenant doesn’t have a sufficient policy, that customer’s lawyer is likely to advise the customer to sue the person who does have a sufficient policy: you, the building owner.

We give you the added protection and peace of mind knowing that not only are you covered as a building owner, you’ve ensured that each of your tenants is sufficiently covered to avoid frivolous lawsuits making their way to your door.