This is what our customers say they love about Gonzalez Insurance

Every individual has different needs and goals. So does every small business. They are all unique and very specific.

Your needs and goals WILL be different from mine.

In fact, even if both of us were to be in the same industry doing the same kind of business scaling at the same pace, our insurance needs are going to differ.

Even if our homes are similar, our insurance needs may not be the same. I might need flood insurance to safeguard my property against floods, while you might need insurance for another purpose such as damage caused to the property during renovation.

That’s why I find it surprising when online insurance agencies and big insurance companies take a cookie-cutter approach in “recommending” insurance cover to their customers.

Insurance cover cannot be the same for everyone. It has to be tailored to people’s needs and goals – be it personal or business.

We understand that. And that is one of the primary reasons for our customers loving us!

We have been in the insurance industry for longer than 40 years, and we always strived to provide true value to our customers. Today one of the key routes we take to do that is by offering customized insurance solutions to our customers.

I like to say that we understood the importance of personalization even before it became a buzzword!

But that’s not the only reason why customers love Gonzalez insurance. Here’s what they say they love about us.

#1 – We walk the extra mile with our customers

At Gonzalez, we follow a simple rule – it’s not about us, it’s about you! We don’t sell insurance just to increase our sales numbers. We sell insurance to protect your life, property, and business. We have been in the same boat as our customers. We have owned and operated commercial buildings. We are a small business. And obviously, we own homes, cars, and bikes. From that perspective, we have witnessed uncertainties first-hand. We know how hard it can be for you to lose something that you have built carefully. We sit with our customers, understand their short-term and long-term goals and accordingly help them to choose the right cover. Maybe we try to approach this like we would while covering our family and ourselves. That’s why our customers love us!

#2 – We customize our products to suit customer needs

We offer focused products in three areas to our customers – Building-focused, Business-focused, and Personal & Family-focused.

  • Building-focused: Building insurance covers the building in which your business operates. Building-focused insurances help in protecting your cash flows in the event of property damage or business loss.


  • Business-focused: Gonzalez specializes in providing insurance to small and medium-sized companies. We have helped companies from New Jersey to New York, from retail to small manufacturing to find the right insurance. Wondering if your daycare center is eligible for small business insurance? Don’t worry. We will find you the right insurance coverage.


  • Personal and family insurance: Confused whether to purchase flood insurance for your apartment or if you need a condo or home insurance policy? We’ve got your back. We will help you find out what you must insure and how much would it cost you. We will offer you the best protection at a reasonable cost.

To ensure that these products offer the best value for your money, we customize each bundle according to your specific needs. Customers love that we demystify the insurance process for them. There are many, perhaps too many, options out there. We help them find exactly what suits them.

#3 – We continuously educate ourselves to provide you the best solutions

Our customers love the fact that we upgrade our knowledge constantly to offer them the best solutions. Your average agent completes a one-month training, after which the state provides a license to practice. I took eight different tests to become a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU). I also took five exams over two years to become a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). This certification helps me stay updated and protect my clients better. My team believes in continuous learning too. We live in a dynamic world where the nature and magnitude of threats and risks are changing all the time. We try to stay ahead of the curve so we can advise our customers on what they should worry about. And on how to stop worrying!

In our 40+ years of business, we have helped thousands of homeowners, small business owners, and real estate owners and operators in buying the right insurance cover. People across different generations trust us for our unbiased recommendations and opinions.

So, if you have been spending sleepless nights wondering what insurance to buy – don’t worry! My team and I are here to guide you personally through the process of purchasing the right insurance.

Ready to secure your future? Take the first step by contacting us.