Flood Insurance

Obviously flood insurance is critical if you live in a flood zone – but what about if you’re safely high and dry?

Everyone Is At Risk

Most people don’t realize that everyone is at risk for flood damage, even if you live in one of the driest areas on earth. Storms can and do happen anywhere, and when unexpected hurricanes like Hurricane Sandy come breezing through, you want to know your property is protected from the ensuing water damage.

Ironically, flood insurance can be even more essential in areas not prone to flooding. As just one example, if you live in a flood area, you’re not likely to store certain items in your basement because you know they could be damaged. If you have no fear of flooding, you may have not anticipated the threat to your belongings, and end up with many more losses that require coverage as a result.

Flooding Can Happen Anywhere

Flooding happens in all 50 states. No one is immune.

Standard homeowner policies do not cover flood damage, but we recommend it highly as an addition. Our specialists will review your needs and risks and recommend a flood/water damage policy that will get you the most coverage for your dollar.