Renters Insurance

If you don’t own your home, you may not realize the benefits of insurance.

After all, the property doesn’t belong to you, so why would you need to insure it? That’s the landlord’s prerogative, isn’t it?

We completely understand how many people have this conception, but unfortunately it overlooks one simple fact: homeowner’s insurance isn’t only designed to protect the property itself. It’s also designed to protect all the assets within the property – and this is where renter’s insurance becomes absolutely essential to anyone who values their possessions.

Your furniture, electronics, jewelry, and even your clothing can and should be protected in the case of fire, flood, or – most likely – theft. A shocking number of renters have been robbed and had no way of replacing their stolen property because they were not aware that insurance policies were available to protect against that eventuality.

Renter’s insurance also protects against personal liability. Let’s say you’re hosting a party and someone brings a few friends. One of the friends, a girl you don’t know, slips in your bathroom and cracks her head on the edge of your toilet, injuring herself badly. If you don’t have renter’s insurance, you could be liable for that girl’s hospital bills.

We can customize a renter’s policy that covers all these needs and even more. If you are a tenant and haven’t gotten a renter’s policy yet – or aren’t sure what a policy might cover – call us immediately. You may be surprised what eventualities are covered.