Things To Check in Your Home Insurance as Summer Approaches

Summer is for fun and family, for vacation, rejuvenation and to be away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Families are out on vacation, and several homes are left unattended without any notable supervision. And while there are risks of thefts and trespassers, the scorching heat also threatens homes. 

High temperatures can cause power boxes to heat up, causing electrical surges leading to fires. Then there’s also the possibility of storms and thunderstorms proving hazardous to the structure. This is also the signal for the hurricane season for those on the East Coast.

As such, home insurance becomes a necessity to protect the property should anything happen. It proves excellent, considering it covers damage and losses during this season and assures suitable protection for the owners and their loved ones.

What Are the Common Home Insurance Claims During Summer?

As elucidated above, various things can lead to unforeseen damages and accidents during summers. Most common claims in home insurance during summer include:

Outdoor Fire

If you live in an area where there are wildfires, lightning, or just about any other natural disaster caused by the weather, you may end up with a damaged property that needs repair or replacement. 

Such fire accidents are common during summers, especially when droughts and heat waves are apparent. They can cost homeowners significant amounts of money, oftentimes resulting in thousands of dollars in restoration money. Even bonfires, grills, and cookouts can prove dangerous if not managed well and cleaned up properly.

Claims covering such fire-related damages include could cause damage and losses on the home, damage to property and structures, replacement of building materials and supplies, and repair of structures.

Accidents and Damages Associated with Swimming Pools

Summers and swimming pools go hand in hand. This might seem a little off the track in the case of claiming insurance, but swimming pools and water damage caused by them are a common hazard. 

For example, if there is leakage in your basement, it might be caused by the pool. This can be covered under your insurance policy, meaning you can get it repaired by your insurance company. 

Likewise, if an injury occurs because of the pool, certain aspects would surface while filing a claim. Clauses like having a pool gate or fence are required to be fulfilled to claim. 

Storm Damage

Summers can have the worst kind of storm. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail storms can cause damage if your home is not up to date with repairs. One should think of repairing it at the beginning of summer when it is not too hot outside. Roof repairs, siding repairs, gutter cleaning, etc., should be done to help water drain fast and not enter the house. 

In case of storm damage, negotiating your claim can be difficult if the insurer sees poor upkeep of the home. Having the correct type of coverage is also essential when claiming for the damaged part of your home. 

Rainstorms & Thunderstorms Related Damage

Rainstorms and thunderstorms bring in large amounts of water during summers. Both of them can cause some unrecoverable damage to your property. What can hurt even more is that the worst part about a water damage claim is that it may not be covered under your current policy. 

Most insurance policies do not cover floods because the repair is costly. Smaller insurance companies usually cannot cover a flood in their standard policy. You might preferably require separate flood insurance, which is something to think about if you live in a flood-prone area. Small water damage claims are doable in case you file a claim. 

How To Choose Home Insurance for the Summer Season?

Home insurance is a must regardless of where you are living. Be it a one-room kitchen or a multi-story apartment, the home that you live in needs to be covered by an insurance policy. 

You have invested your time, money, and effort into your home and must ensure that this cozy place is always secure against theft, natural calamities, fire, and water, among others.

To that end, buy insurance policies that have weather-related events covered under their standard components. While some fall under the standard section, some might have a deductible part.

Types of Coverage Provided

Home insurance varies in terms of the coverage they provide. When you are opting for home insurance, make sure that the home policy covers: 

  • The main structure of the home
  • Belongings 
  • Liability 
  • Loss of use

Even the things like property type, amenities, and rentals should be considered to ensure maximum recovery during a claim.   


Evaluate the risks that your home is prone to. If you live in a flood-prone area, ensure that the policy covers the risk of floods. Also, consider the damage to property due to man-made disasters like theft, snatching, etc. You can understand deductibles better here. 

Claim Settlement Ratio

Claim settlement ratio is the most critical aspect when looking to buy a policy. If you pay a meager premium, but the claim is rejected when you need it, the whole purpose of purchasing the insurance is defeated. 

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