It’s Gone! What Gets Stolen the Most in America

According to Statista, the burglary rate in America in 2018 was around 376 incidents per 100,000 people. There have been several reports that highlight and indicate that these numbers have sharply increased because of inflation, recession, and rising commodity prices.

According to an FBI report, each larceny offense costs over a thousand dollars to the robbed individual. The average value of the total loss due to such thefts was calculated and estimated to be around $5.9 billion. These figures demonstrate how Americans are constantly dealing with thefts and property damage as a result of burglaries, causing them to lose money on the repair or replacement of the items.

Here are the top seven items stolen the most in America, either because they are easy to obtain or because they are expensive and have good resale value.

Automobiles / Accessories

Automobiles and automobile accessories are among the most stolen items in the United States. A 2016 and 2017 database revealed how over 24 million automobiles filed for insurance claims. The report also emphasized how car parts are becoming increasingly expensive, making them more vulnerable to theft. In 2021, NICB released some startling statistics on vehicle theft, which had been steadily increasing since 2019, with over 932,329 stolen vehicles expected that year. 

Colorado, California, Washington, DC, and New Mexico are among the states that have seen a significant increase in these thefts. Most states in the United States require vehicle insurance. However, with the increase in thefts, having personal or commercial auto insurance becomes even more important.

Jewelry or Gold

There have been numerous reports of jewelry theft from various parts of the country. According to a 2022 Guardian report, jewelry worth millions of dollars was stolen from a security truck in California. Another case involved three men participating in a daylight burglary at a jewelry store. While high-profile heists like those catch the headlines, they hide the fact that numerous homeowners and ordinary citizens have had had jewelry stolen from their homes, person, and vehicles too.

In fact, these things continue to happen to businesses and individuals too often in the United States. Jewelry worth $100 million is stolen every year, according to an FBI report, and it is common in states such as Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami, among others. 

People are often unaware that valuable property insurance can protect these valuable gemstones.

Electronic Items

When a burglar enters a home, items like mobile phones, laptops, AI assistants, and so on are easy to grab, and they account for some of the most stolen commodities in America. According to a CNBC report, these stolen items are then sold at low prices on Amazon and eBay. 

This is a significant segment, and a recent report detailed how the Houston Police Department seized stolen electronic items totaling $1.8 million. Your homeowner’s insurance can assist in covering the damage or theft of these electronic items.


Yes, firearms are among the most stolen items in the United States. Rifles, pistols, and shotguns are stolen at a high rate, according to Statista, and over 4,700 pistols were reported lost or stolen in 2021. This may appear to be a small number, but the implications are far-reaching. 

A UPS driver shot three coworkers with a stolen gun, according to American Progress. And this has been a consistent theme in the past. For example, according to a 1991 Bureau of Justice study, more than 10% of incarcerated inmates had stolen a gun at least once, 9% had obtained it through theft, and 28% from dealers. 

Individuals bear the responsibility of keeping these firearms safe, which makes it even more important to register and insure them.

Designer Clothes and Bags

The CNBC news item mentioned above also outlines how a Louis Vuitton store was recently looted by over 80 people. This is a major setback for retailers because these items are then sold cheaply on the internet or, worse, on the dark web. According to the report, retailers reported over $68.9 billion in product theft losses in 2019. 

As per FBI crime data, an estimated 5,086,096 larceny-theft cases were reported nationwide, representing a significant loss for both large and small brands.


Burglars frequently look for hard cash when forcibly entering a home because it does not come with the added responsibility of selling it later. According to a survey, more than 24% of Americans reported having their cash stolen in a year, making it one of the most common items stolen across the country.

Home Equipment

Burglars are also interested in stealing home equipment such as kitchen appliances, unmounted TVs, and other lightweight items when they break in. There have been reports of people being robbed of their golf clubs, power tools, and scrap metal. 

The thieves do not always forcibly enter homes; they can also con people by impersonating as electricians or construction workers. As a result, special consideration must be given to who enters your home or has access to your material or property.

In a Nutshell

The rising number of theft and burglary cases demonstrates how critical it is to keep all your valuables safe from the financial burden of replacing these items. That holds true of you are an individual, small business, or large corporation. You require experienced agents who can properly evaluate your property and conduct a risk analysis to tailor the insurance policies according to your needs.

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