Who are Porch Pirates and how can you stay safe from them

In America, porch pirates stole goods valued at over $8 million in 2023. In the previous three months, 17% of Americans on average had a package stolen. Porch piracy is a new kind of issue that affects all online shoppers who are used to getting their packages delivered to their homes.

Those who steal packages left by delivery services on the porches of individual homeowners are known as porch pirates. Rising concerns about the cases of porch pirates are coming from all over America. Although the number of people purchasing door cameras is growing, statistics show that 22% of crimes involve a person with a doorbell camera. Thus, it is possible that your security system is not completely foolproof.

Compared to those who live in apartments or condos, the people who live in single-unit homes are the most negatively impacted in this situation. Attempts to apprehend the thieves by putting GPS devices in the packets, as seen in a news report video also don’t seem to be making a real difference. People continue to experience missing packages that were lovingly sent and purchased with hard-earned cash.

In this article, we will assist you in understanding how to prevent financial loss due to porch pirates.

How to stay safe and recover damages done by porch pirates

There are numerous strategies to prevent porch pirate attacks. Let’s discuss these aspects in detail.

  • Invest in a good security system

Technological tools that can be used to raise the security level can be installed as part of a good security system. One excellent method to keep burglars away is to have a security camera on your porch that is easy to notice. If that does not help or stop the incidents, placing hidden cameras in bushes and other places can be a great way to get a better view and identify the offender.

  • Adjust your delivery dates

Always schedule your delivery dates for a time when you or a family member can receive the packages at your house. Additionally, keeping a keen eye on the transit history of your package can help prevent package theft. On the day of delivery, you can ask a family member or neighbor to keep an eye on the delivery and pick it up as soon as it arrives. Thus, reducing the chances of getting it stolen by porch pirates.

  • Get your packets delivered to safe spaces

Ordering your packets in safe spaces is one of the best ways to ensure that they are delivered safely every time. This can apply to a drop-off neighborhood shop location, the post office, hidden places on your porch, etc. For the safe delivery of goods, online retailers such as Amazon offer lockbox services and garage delivery to their Prime members. You can even spend money on delivery locations that are kept a secret or on a delivery system that allows the delivery personnel to place your boxes in a secure area where theft is impossible.

  • Required signature at delivery

Unclaimed boxes that are left out in the open for a long time are the biggest encouragement to porch pirates. One of the simplest ways to prevent that is to ask for in-person delivery. As a result, there is a high likelihood of avoiding these porch pirates. If the office permits, these deliveries can be scheduled at your office or your neighbor’s home. It is even possible to invest in a “hold for pickup” facility. While some of these options may come at a higher cost, they can all contribute to the prevention of package theft.

What can you do if a package gets stolen

If your package is stolen even after you have taken all the necessary precautions, there are a few ways you can begin the investigation and the process of getting a refund.

  • Track the package and its status

The first thing to do is to track the package’s presence and carefully examine its status. If it appears to have been delivered, follow up with the delivery service to obtain any additional information that may be needed. After that, look through your security footage to see what happened the day the package was delivered and try to determine when the theft occurred. You can use the video to ask the seller or retailer for a replacement.

  • Make a complaint to the seller and the police.

After completing the first step, be sure to raise a complaint with the seller. When you purchase something directly from Amazon, the package is typically secured, making it simple to request a refund. But you might have to get in touch with the retailer directly if you are purchasing from a third-party seller on Amazon. If you do not hear back from the retailer, you can reach out to Amazon to find a solution. You can also report the thefts to the police if you are unable to resolve the issue with the seller and receive reimbursement, or if the porch piracy is happening frequently.

How insurance can help

You can begin by updating your insurance policies or learning how they operate to obtain the proper claims for your stolen packages.

As was already mentioned above, single-unit housing has been the target of the greatest number of thefts because it is simpler to steal from a porch with little security. Every homeowner who invests in a comprehensive homeowner insurance policy can potentially receive appropriate compensation for stolen packages. However, the terms of the policy could differ significantly depending on where and whom you bought it from.

Certain policies provide coverage for both on-site and off-site perils, such as theft. This can help victims in obtaining the proper compensation for goods taken from cars that are parked near the house. The policy only covers purchases made with or up to a certain amount of money. You may thus not receive the appropriate payment if the value of your item is overvalued or undervalued. Make sure you are familiar with all the procedures before filing a claim for a lost package, because doing so may increase your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

  • Credit card purchase protection

Numerous credit card companies provide excellent safeguards against situations such as these. Often, eligible items bought with a credit card are protected against theft, damage, and loss. Items that are purchased within the allotted period (90-120 days) are covered by purchase protection. Each of these types of protection has a limited scope of coverage that is only available a certain number of times during a given time frame.

You can get credit card purchase protection in addition to your other insurance coverage, such as homeowner’s insurance, by keeping all of these things in mind. It is so because this protection is merely a supplementary measure and necessitates the presence of a bigger policy like homeowner’s insurance to be effective.

Insurance against package theft is another option that you can consider. If your seller or retailer is unable to provide the appropriate reimbursement, you can obtain extended security with this policy.

The key to porch piracy is limiting the opportunities for theft to occur Therefore, it may be best to invest in technology, systems, and techniques that can eliminate these opportunities for porch piracy. If that doesn’t work, take the help of your insurance agency to identify the appropriate insurance-based protection strategies. Gonzalez Insurance provides comprehensive protection to both individuals and small business owners against theft, burglary, and vandalism. Contact us to learn more about protecting yourself from porch pirates.