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Why ‘Business Income Coverage’ may be the most important insurance coverage you haven’t considered yet (but you must!)

You probably know that business income is the net income that includes your net profit or loss before calculating the taxes. You would factor in all your revenues on one side and, on the other, the continuing normal operating expenses incurred, which include payroll. Of course, without earning enough income or profit, any business will… Read more »

Flooding Can Occur Anywhere – Are You Prepared?

During Hurricane Sandy, over 1.58 million claims were filed to cover the costs of damage to homes, commercial businesses, and other property. 1.58 million is hard to picture, so let’s just take a step back and realize that the number of people who were affected by this hurricane is more than the entire population of… Read more »

Tenant Discrimination – What CAN’T You Be Sued For?

Unfortunately, the answer is: pretty much nothing. Most landlords are completely unaware that they can be sued for a variety of “discrimination claims,” many of which will be without any basis in reality. The sad truth is that some people will unscrupulously try to sue anyone they can for any amount of money possible, and… Read more »

Building Ordinance Coverage – What It Is and Why You Need It

Let’s say you own a property that suffered extreme damage – enough that you’re going to need to rebuild or at least repair extensively. (We hope this doesn’t happen, but unexpected catastrophes occur every day.) Now, you already have property insurance, so you might think your costs of rebuilding are covered. For the most part,… Read more »