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Connected Insurance and Other Tech-Driven Insurance Trends for the Curious-Minded

Digitalization has turned common practices on their head. People now prefer fast and instant solutions to their complex issues. Even in insurance, consumers today are more conscious about their choices and prefer to inform themselves through digitalized services and optimized interactions.  This explains why and how murmurs of connected insurance have come to the fore…. Read more »

Understanding NY State’s Disability Insurance rules

Being seriously ill or injured during work can be emotionally and financially taxing. Some time off from work is a must in such cases. Many professionals in New York do not usually receive any long-term paid time off.  For that reason, the State of New York’s Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) program enables regular payments to… Read more »

Things To Check in Your Home Insurance as Summer Approaches

Summer is for fun and family, for vacation, rejuvenation and to be away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Families are out on vacation, and several homes are left unattended without any notable supervision. And while there are risks of thefts and trespassers, the scorching heat also threatens homes.  High temperatures can cause… Read more »

Some Insurance Considerations for Homes on the Beach

Home insurance is nothing short of essential. In the US, it has become a mandate, not by law but due to multiple factors — natural or otherwise. The tenants are required to have insurance, while owners get home insurance policies on their part to protect their properties against unforeseen circumstances. Cut to the special scenario… Read more »

A Retail Store’s Guide to Insurance

It is safe to say that retailers face market competition a little more than other sectors. To work under such pressure and build a profitable business requires smart investment. Retail businesses are dependent on insurance policies in more than one way. Retail insurance policies protect retailers from unforeseen risks, damages, and losses that could be… Read more »

How has motor insurance evolved over the course of time?

The automotive landscape is rapidly changing and the credit goes to autonomous vehicles, inflation, and other such factors in equal measure. This has directly affected or changed the outlook of the motor insurance segment too. There have been many changes in the insurance norms, prices, etc. But first, let us look at what motor insurance… Read more »

What you should look for in commercial property insurance

You might be running a business at your own property or have taken it on lease from someone. Are you worried about finding the right ways to protect the premises and your business? Obviously, there are a lot of parameters to understand and work on, while running a business. Worrying about protecting your property from… Read more »

What would WE want our insurance provider to be like?

It’s common to hear that insurance companies only consider their perspective and not what would benefit you. They suggest policy options that cover your basic needs but don’t go out of their way to ensure that the policies that they are suggesting are 100% beneficial for you. Thus, finding the right insurance company is very… Read more »

Understanding Deductibles in Insurance

Insurance is a must-have for every individual or small business. Insurance offers comprehensive financial protection to safeguard your savings at the time of an emergency. However, insurance jargon can be misleading sometimes. It often raises conflict at the time of insurance pay-outs.  Hence, all users need must put effort and time into understanding the insurance… Read more »