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The Quick Guide To Buying Suitable ‘Retail Store Insurance’

The US economy has an important dependence on retail business, and the entire country realized this fact over the last few months. As retail establishments started slowly emerging from lockdowns, retail sales experienced a growth of 1.2%, as per a report by The Balance. This growth is welcome and more than a little encouraging, given than… Read more »

3 Essential Coverages We Recommend To All Apartment Building Owners

Building owners in the US, whether they own apartment complexes or single buildings, face several financial and other risks that can be reduced by insurance coverages. According to a report by the Insurance Information Institute, insurers get about 40 claims each year for property damages due to strong winds and hailstorms and 350 claims due to… Read more »

What Are Some Insurance Considerations For Service-Oriented Businesses?

Americans are extremely aware of the importance of insurance in their lives and businesses. According to a report by Deloitte, the Property & Casualty sector of the US insurance industry saw a 66% increase in value last year. Another report by the Insurance Information Institute reveals that all insurance and related activities contributed to about 2.9% of the… Read more »

5 Examples To Demonstrate The Great Value Of Insurance

The insurance industry in the US has always been pivotal to consistent economic growth. According to Policy Advice, in 2015, the insurance carriers contributed more to US GDP than even banks for the first time. In 2017, this trend held strong, as the insurance sector’s contribution was 3.1%, while the financial sector (banks) contributed 2.9% of… Read more »

How To Decide The Amount Of Coverage You Should Purchase

Insurance is a silent promise to cover your losses during an unplanned crisis when your savings or other financial means aren’t enough for the same. You can also purchase insurance to maintain your lifestyle or secure your possessions against loss, theft, and damage. As your savings eventually grow, you should keep evaluating the amount of… Read more »

10 Things You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Being a business owner, you must already be aware of the importance of different insurance types, some of which may be mandatory in your state. In difficult times, a successful business is not only defined by its revenue but also the measures it takes to provide for its employees.  Worker’s compensation is one such benefit… Read more »