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Secondary Residences Surge

By Sue C. Quimby, CPCU, AU, CIC, CPIW, DAE The pandemic of 2020 was marked with significant changes to how people thought about vacations and travel. With travel restrictions, fears about flying, and new ways of thinking about working or going to school, the idea of a second home that is within reasonable driving distance… Read more »

Portable and Supplemental Heater Safety

By Sue Quimby, CPCU, AU, CIC, CPIW, DAE As temperatures fall, the demand for and use of supplemental heating sources rises. Portable heaters are commonly used when the main heating system is inadequate, or when just an area of the building needs to be heated. During the COVID-19 pandemic, supplemental heaters became essential equipment for… Read more »

An Introduction to Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreements

Transfer of risk is a key component of most contracts. “Indemnify” and “hold harmless” are terms that are commonly seen, and often misunderstood, in contractual agreements. These agreements may be made between companies, individuals or a combination of the two. Helping clients decipher what hold harmless provisions mean and how they are used is a… Read more »

How Local Conditions Impact Home Insurance Premiums

Marty has just purchased his dream home. It took him a long time to save up and get it done. Marty feels good being a homeowner – but he needs to be a responsible one. Thus, Marty does what any sensible homeowner would do – call an insurance agency. But when he does, he’s bombarded… Read more »

Retail Store Insurance May Have Become A Bit More Complicated

Retail sales in the United States went up by 6.7% in 2020 despite the ongoing public health emergency. The retail sector has had a massive shift in recent years with the growing demand for online sales. 51% of Americans now prefer online shopping over visiting physical retail stores. Owing to consumer demands, retail firms are… Read more »

Home Appliances – Helps or Hazards?

By Sue Quimby, CPCU, AU, CIC, CPIW, DAE Home appliances have drastically changed how people live over the last century. They are great time savers and convenience items, as well as providing entertainment. However, these gadgets and products that are meant to make life easier are also responsible for millions of dollars in insured and… Read more »

What Is Business Interruption Coverage?

Dan had just opened up a shop of his own. He had taken a loan from the bank to open up the shop of his dreams. But none could have predicted that the next few months spelled disaster. It came in the form of one of the most devastating snowstorms to hit Texas in recent… Read more »

Equipment Breakdown – Not Just Boilers

By Sue Quimby, CPCU, AU, CIC, CPIW, DAE Equipment breakdown coverage, an often misunderstood coverage, can be an attractive complement to a company’s product line. Historically, coverage was marketed as “boiler and machinery.” A common misconception is that a risk has to have a boiler for the coverage to apply. Boiler and machinery coverage was… Read more »

Insurance Questions for A Long Hot Summer

Summer can be so much fun – but it can be risky business too! Along with the heat, this season brings myriad activities and purchases that ought to have their protection. But they don’t – so you’re going to have to figure that part out. Luckily, there’s this post to guide you on some risks,… Read more »