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The Workers’ Compensation Questions Small Businesses Must Answer

Did you know that in 2019 alone, there were 888,220 nonfatal injuries and illnesses in private industry occupations? This figure doesn’t include workplace fatalities. Situations like these are deeply traumatic; for both the company and employees. They can also prove to be very expensive –financially and in terms of goodwill. This is why companies have… Read more »

Understanding the Wide Scope of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

We’d all like to believe that our employees reflect the scruples of our companies. Sadly, employees will sometimes conduct themselves in ways that go against corporate and even personal ethics. They may exhibit discriminatory or predatory behavior, mismanage benefit plans, or more. In such instances, it’s difficult to predict the extent of legal woes a… Read more »

Is Fraud Increasing In Worker’s Compensation And Does it matter To Your Business?

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, fraudulent claims in worker’s compensation may amount to $80 billion annually in the USA. While some large-scale businesses may have additional resources to tackle such situations, small businesses risk major financial losses in the battle against fraud.  Employee fraud tends to make up for about 20% of the annual worker’s comp frauds… Read more »

The Insurance Needs Of Small General Contractors And Home-Improvement Service Providers

General contractors carry out small and large construction projects from scratch to completion. They work on building sites, single-family homes, and more complex construction projects. Construction sites tend to be dangerous for workers, hence, it becomes necessary for them to make sure that they have insurance in place for their workers. It prevents any unfortunate… Read more »

Home business owners must know this about insurance.

Unfortunately, home-based business insurance is often neglected. Numerous people own their own homes and expect that their home insurance will cover their home-based businesses. Sadly, this may not be the case. Of course, Operating a business from home has various benefits. But this won’t mean that the venture is risk-free. Like any other traditional business,… Read more »

Why Higher Liability Limits Are Better Than Lower?

Some risks cannot be measured, and the only apt strategy is to be prepared all the same.  When talking about business liability, even a simple slip and fall on the premises can cost you a lot. Business liability insurance can save you from these financial risks, but then again, just how much liability premium is… Read more »

Small Business Insurance Is About More Than Damage Management

In 2017, about 75% of businesses in the US didn’t have adequate insurance coverage, and about 40% of small business owners didn’t care to get any insurance at all. This was, of course, dangerous. In essence, most of these small businesses could have shut shop if legal issues arose. In fact, in some states, operating without some… Read more »

What Landlords Must Know About ‘Discrimination Claims’

Being a landlord is not easy! Besides ensuring tenants are available and that they pay the rent on time and that the property is well taken care of, the landlord needs to safeguard his/her interests against diverse threats. If you are a landlord who has little or no idea about tenant discrimination claims, this is… Read more »

Why Food Trucks Must Have Insurance On The Menu

The pandemic has hit every industry, more or less. But the maximum damage was probably suffered by the restaurant and hospitality sector, including food trucks.  With most of their customers, i.e., the regular officegoers and commuters, absent on the roads, they suffered a massive drop in their clientele. Almost half of the $985 million sector seemed… Read more »